‘’The role of English language in the world’’

On February 20, 2020, within the framework of the decade of general educational disciplines, a round table was held on the theme ‘’ The role of English language in the world ’’ organized by English teachers Matenova B. A and Omarbaev K.S.

Dean of the SKASS Faculty of the Semipalatinsk State University named after Shakarim in Semey G.T. Bakyaraj, Candidate of Economic Sciences E.T. Bauldinov and third year students of the Faculty of Foreign Philology Eskalmasova Aigerim Serikkaliev Bekzhan, as well as the head of the “Intellectual” educational center A.E. Kusmanova.

The theme of the Round table was to highlight contemporary issues and to highlight the role and importance of English in the world. Raised the interest of young people in the language, conducted interviews with foreign guests. Students were interested in the language of the foreign guests and admired the English language. The enthusiasm of the students of the 1st course Islyamov Sabyrzhan for the English language was received by the guests. Students took an active and keen interest in discussing a broad, important topic. They put some questions about How to learn English?. At the end of the event the students talked about themselves and asked the foreign guest to tell them their life story. The guests appreciated the level of English proficiency of the students and wished them further success in learning the English language at a high level.